CARINE D’YRSAN was born in Libreville (Gabon).
Since her early childhood, she sharpens her gaze and devel- ops her taste for tailoring by watching her grandmother create clothes.

CARINE D’YRSAN grew up in Strasbourg in a modest family, which did not prevent her from dreaming in front of the collec- tions of the designers of the big fashion houses.

True self-taught, Carine learned sewing, embroidery and devel- oped her ornamental techniques.

In 2018, at the age of 26 and building on these experiences, Carine created the CARINE D’YRSAN brand to offer swimsuits and evening wear.

CARINE D’YRSAN creations reflect her passion for ornamenta- tion through the application of crystals and gems. They also illustrate its culture of demanding quality in materials and workmanship.

We find there her taste for luxury, her dual culture and her attraction to opposites. Epicurean and open-minded, CARINE D’YRSAN is determined to impose her vision of the daring, ele- gant and sexy woman through her creations.


CARINE D’YRSAN creations are both anchored in their time and timeless. The quality of the materials and the assemblies guarantee their durability over several seasons. Italian-made fabrics are certified by the OEKO-TEX label. CARINE D’YRSAN’s original creations are the witness of a genuine French “savoir- faire” and the pieces decorated with crystals are hand-crafted.


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